Sharper Image SBT1001WH Wireless Tower Speaker Review

Sharper Image SBT1001WH Wireless Tower Speaker

Sharper Image SBT1001WH Wireless Tower Speaker Review

Sharper Image SBT1001WH Bluetooth Wireless Tower Speaker

The new and amazing Sharper Image tower speaker comes with an integrated Bluetooth technology compatible with all iPhone & iPad versions, Android phones and Kindle versions. In addition this great device comes with a contemporary look and LED accent lights lend ambience to any room, making this tower speaker an elegant addition to your home or office entertainment system. Now, take a look to some great special features available in this great tower speaker.

Special Features

This Tower Stereo Speaker from Shaper Image adds ambiance to your listening experience with softly glowing LED accent lights, making it an elegant addition to your home or office. Turn the lights on or off independently of the speakers.

Enjoy music wirelessly! The SBT1001 Tower Speaker is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices for simple, wireless connectivity. Control audio with either the on-board controls or the remote control! Devices can also be plugged in via the aux-in port (cable included), or Easily program and control the built-in FM radio receiver with voice prompts.

Now you will be able to impress your friends and family with the speaker’s softly illuminated LED light accents. The lights add ambiance to any listening experience, while lending themselves to the overall look of your home or office.

The speaker was built to look stylish, yet deliver top-notch audio to your home or office. Enjoy your favorite music via Bluetooth connectivity or plugged in to the aux-in port in stereo sound through the tower’s crystal-clear speakers.

Let the Tall Tower Stereo Speaker hold your devices for you! The speaker has a top-mounted slot to hold most devices, perfect for using the aux-in feature or for charging any USB-chargeable device with tower’s USB port. Also this unit size is 39×6.2×5.9. (inches)


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