Ion iPA30 Jobsite Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

ION job rocker bluetooth portable speaker

Ion iPA30 Jobsite Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Ion IPA30 Rocker jobsite bluetooth speaker

If you are at a jobsite, working around your house or blowing off some steam on the weekend, then you need a great and top quality with great power to stay on your level. This is a job for ION Audio’s Jobsite Bluetooth speaker that comes ready to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet then blast it out at 50 watts. The wireless Bluetooth connection in this speaker system lets you keep all the control of the playlist while you work up to 100 feet away. In addition you can switch to AM/FM radio when you don’t want to miss your favorite sports transmission. Also this great speaker is built-in battery that ensures the jobsite is taken care of for up to 50 hours between recharges. Its heavy-duty steel handles and protective corner bumpers mean you can stay focused on the job and not worry about damaging the radio. Plus, Job Rocker’s large rubberized controls are easy to handle even with gloves on. Now, take a look to some great features available in this great portable speaker system.

Some Great Features Available

With this great system you will be able to fills the jobsite with rich, full-bodied sound from your smartphone, MP3 player, AM/FM radio or any other audio source with a line output.

Comes with integrated handles and corner bumpers to prevent damage due to falling objects.

You can streams your favorite music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player up to 100 feet away.

Built-in battery that provides up to 50 hours of use with one simple charge.

Comes with great quality and durable wooden cabinet that provides the best acoustics; also a renewable resource.

Also has large rubberized buttons and controls that are easy to use even with gloves on.

Makes the jobsites and home improvement projects more enjoyable all the time.

Review Details

I found 397 customers reviews at the time of writing this article and they had awarded the Ion ipa30 jobsite portable Bluetooth speaker with 4.4 out of 5 stars ( to see ratings or to read reviews CLICK HERE ). For additional information, details or to buy this great system visit the following link.

Ion Audio iPA30 Job Rocker Portable Heavy-Duty Bluetooth Speaker System with AM/FM Radio, Orange (Certified Refurbished)