HYDRA SmartBottle Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

HYDRA SmartBottle bluetooth portable speaker

HYDRA SmartBottle Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

HYDRA SmartBottle bluetooth portable speaker

Today I going to talk, describe and review a great amazing Bluetooth portable speaker gadget. I am talking about the HYDRA SmartBottle Bluetooth speaker. When traveling with The HYDRA speaker, you will stay hydrated in a large 20oz (600ml) water bottle, with 4000 mah of backup battery, 5W powerful Bluetooth speaker, Microphone for hands free connection, LED light with flashing red for emergencies and night bike rides, bright white for picnic and camping, or rainbow to set the mood. In addition you can use the HYDRA’s hidden chamber to stash small loose valuables and in addition the nighttime Sleeper App sends the sounds of ocean surf, or summer rain, camping crickets, or a beach bonfire to lull you to sleep – while the beautiful lamp cycles through the colors of the rainbow. All these great and amazing features comes packed in a compact and portable Smart Bottle. Now, you can take the HYDRA speaker wherever you go, keeping both electronic and creature comforts close at your hand. Regardless which color you choose, your water bottle will always be clear, made with the best eco friendly and BPA-FREE material. A flip-open mouth piece with a straw extension is 100% leak proof and helps keep your h20 clean – designed to fit into most bicycle water bottle carriers. You will learn that the HYDRA SmartBottle Bluetooth speaker will become your best companion for all sorts of sports activities and when you travel. Take The HYDRA with you running and to the gym. Nothing beats having the right music in your next yoga workout session. In addition you can light up your next camping trip with The HYDRA’s built in LED lantern. Now, take a look to the diagram and some another great features available in this amazing device.

HYDRA SmartBottle Diagram

HYDRA SmartBottle bluetooth wireless portable speaker

Special Features

Comes with 20oz BPA-FREE water bottle

This is a Premium 5Watts output power Bluetooth Speaker

In addition the microphone turns your HYDRA into a hands-free speakerphone.


4000 mAh ultra-safe polymer Power bank (with 2.1a USB output)

Great Device for Biking

HYDRA SmartBottle sports bluetooth portable speaker

When you wearing headphones that isolates you from your environment and this is very dangerous when you are cycling. The HYDRA’s powerful built-in Bluetooth speaker pumps music into your vicinity, letting you retain an aural connection to the world (and any potential hazards) around you. In addition the translucent, frosted fluid chamber refracts The HYDRA’s BRIGHT, FLASHING RED light ensuring that you will be seen by approaching vehicles when biking or also walking.

HYDRA Nighttime Sleeper App

HYDRA SmartBottle free app bluetooth portable speaker

Also you can add the Nighttime Sleeper App to this speaker and you will enjoy great sounds of the ocean surf, summer rain, camping crickets, even light street noise to lull you to sleep. If for any reason you wake up in the middle of the night with dry mouth, The HYDRA is there to refresh you. The water is FREE and also the App. This great app is Available NOW on iOS and Android operative systems.

Review Details

I found 141 customers reviews at the time of writing this article and they had awarded the HYDRA SmartBottle speaker with 4.4 out of 5 stars on average. ( to see ratings or to read reviews CLICK HERE ). For additional information, details or to buy this great speaker unit you can visit the following link.

HYDRA SmartBottle Red – 5W Bluetooth Speaker, 4000 mah Power Bank Charger, Speakerphone, Microphone, Emergency RGB LED Nightlight