Ivation Bike Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Ivation Bike Beakin bluetooth wireless speaker

Ivation Bike Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Ivation Bike Beakin portable wireless speaker

Ivation Bike Wireless Speaker Description

The Ivation Bike Beakon is a great top quality Bluetooth wireless speaker designed for bicycle and bikes. This great speaker puts party in your bike wheels with your favorite tunes and also FM Radio. This great speaker comes with 2 crankin’ mini speakers that amplifies your music in stereo for impressive audio reproduction. In addition comes with multiple input methods and Bluetooth connectivity compatible with Bluetooth v1.1 and up that pair with any Bluetooth-capable device is a moment. Also the Bike Beakon remembers your previously paired devices for auto-connect. Additionally it supports a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack that allows you to play your favorite media from any non-Bluetooth device. Also comes with a micro SD card slot. Simply put your music on a SD card – in mp3 or WMA format – and this great speaker will play your music files perfectly. Finally, a bike mount is also included. While the speaker can easily be removed from the mount, it is held securely in place when mounted.

Special Features

Very Solid Sports Speaker, Rugged Built & High/Low/ with SOS Light

2 Powerful Mini speakers delivers and amazing quality stereo sound

In addition this great speaker features Siren, FM Radio, AUX In and MicroSD Card Reader for mp3 files

Comes with a Built-In Rechargeable Battery that can play 3-4 Hours Per Charge

The box kit includes AUX Cable, Wrist/Hanging Strap and Bike Mount

Ivation Bike Beakin wireless speaker

Conclusion and Review Details

This is a truly amazing Bluetooth speaker for use on your bike or just for your personal use. This speaker comes with many features that you will enjoy and use that it will become your bike and daily travel companion.  This speaker is beautifully designed and comes in red, yellow or green color. The case is ergonomically designed and it has rubberized grips on the sides of the unit so if you are hand carrying it you get a firm grip on it. Also this speaker features Bluetooth and it allows the speaker to pair with your smart device to play your music using the 3 watt stereo speaker. Also has a multifunction flashlight that has a high beam, a low beam, a strobe flash which is good at night or day to improve your visibility to other drivers when riding your bike and it will also flash the SOS signal if you need some help during your trip. In addition the sound quality is very good with crystal clear sound. Really, this is a great device for your bike. Finally, for more details, information and to read more reviews from actual users of this great bike speaker visit the following link.

Ivation Bike Beakin: Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers & MP3 Player w/ MicroSD Card Slot, AUX Input, FM Radio & Built in Flashlight – Yellow