Eton Rukus Solar Wireless Speaker Review

Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth portable Wireless Speaker

Eton Rukus Solar Wireless Speaker

Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth portable Wireless Speaker


The Eton Rukus is a great portable Bluetooth wireless speaker that can be charge by the sun light. Now, you can take your music with you everywhere and the sunshine will power your speaker to keep your music files playing all the time. In addition if your phone starts to die don’t worry about it, only plug it into the Eton to get a charge. Also in the night, the internal lithium battery will maintain the music going for long hours or you can use the included USB cable for non-stop songs. In addition you can stream all your music files from almost any Bluetooth-enabled such as iphone, ipod, smartphone, tablet or computer. Also for non-Bluetooth devices you will find there’s an aux-input slot.


Comes with 2 Full Range Speaker Drivers

Rugged and IPX4 splash proof design

Features new Bluetooth technology 5V/1A USB out

carabiner loops

Comes with rechargeable lithium battery

Comes with Mono-Crystalline Cell Enabled Solar charging

In addition you can charge it via Included USB Cable

3.5mm Aux-input for Use with non-Bluetooth enable devices (cable not included)

Blue LED ‘Bluetooth-on’ indicator

Red LED ‘charging’ indicator

Green LED ‘fuel gauge’ array

Drop-proof from a height of 3.3ft (1m).

Water resistant to IEC 60529 IPX4. It is not waterproof and should not be immersed in water.

Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Review Details

This is a small wireless speaker. Coming from the original Rukus, The unit speaker dimensions are 6″x7″x2″inches. I think that it is a great size to fits in places where the full size rukus would not fit and it’s much easier to carry it in a backpack for camping or a beach day. In addition it’s also very light with a weight of 1 pound with 3 oz. Also the solar panel is a standard size of 6×6″inches made up of 20 cells. The Bluetooth setup is this speaker is very simple and the connection is solid. Also, the Eton Rukus is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that comes with seals over the ports on the back to prevent water damage. In addition the sound quality is very good where the lows are there and the highs are crisp. Finally, If you are looking for a wireless portable speaker that you can bring to the camping, beach, pool or where do you want this is the perfect device that you need. I like certified electronic technician and portable Bluetooth speaker tester recommend it with no reserve. Eton Rugged rukus The solar-powered, Bluetooth-ready, smartphone-charging speaker