Etekcity T3 Wireless Speaker Review

Etekcity T3 wireless speaker

Etekcity T3 Wireless Speaker

Etekcity T3 wireless speaker

Great Powerful Connections
The Etekcity Roverbeats T3 wireless speaker features a very strong Bluetooth 4.0v connection as well as a supplemental AUX port. BY this reason you will have multiple ways of connections available that allow this speaker sync to a wide variety of Bluetooth enable devices such as iphones, ipads, tablets, smartphones and much more.

Little Speaker but Big Sound
This wireless speaker is very small with only 2.5″ in diameter and height, but thanks to its high damping paper diaphragm, this speaker can deliver an amazing amounts of powerful sound. Don’t be afraid to crank up the bass, the diaphragm is designed to prevent it and handle the load.

Music On-the Road
The Etekcity T3 is so small that easily fit into a bag or purse without looking or feeling bulky. The beautiful rubberized exterior makes of this speaker an easy to hold in addition from protects it from drop and impacts. Also it is one of the best portable speakers available in the market today. You also can feel free to leave the charger in your home because the lithium battery pack lasts up to 7 hours.

Hands Free Calls
It comes with a built in microphone that allows you answer and make phone calls using this little speaker. If a call comes through during a music-session, the music is instantly in pause mode to allow you maintain the conversation; as soon as the call is over, the portable Bluetooth speaker brings the music back again.

Review Details

 After been tested this speaker, here are the results. This speaker  is really AWESOME! It has a deep, rich bass, with a range coverage of more than 30 feet with an easy Bluetooth connection, amazing volume and zero static with the  Bluetooth connection. Really, this wireless speaker makes a great job in addition is made with great quality craftsmanship by this reason works super well and the best of all it has a very low budget price. Finally, If you are looking for a great Bluetooth portable speaker with a low cost but at the same time with a great performance then this speaker is all that you need.

New Etekcity T3 wireless speaker

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