New For 2016 The iFOX iF012 Waterproof Wireless Speaker

New for 2016 ifox if02 wireless speaker

Today I going to talk, describe and review a new shower waterproof wireless speaker for 2016 but that you can get now in 2015. I am talking about the new model of iFOX iF012 Bluetooth portable speaker.

New for 2016 ifox if02 wireless speaker

With amazing sound and great craftsmanship the new 2016 model of ifox if012 is a top of the line waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This time comes with WHITE FILLED BUTTONS enhancement that making it easier to see in the shower. Also  this great speaker is so versatile around water that it is not only water resistant it is capable of being fully immersed in the water up to 3 feet in depth. This speaker has 3 watts of output power but delivers an amazing sound that  you’d expect from a boombox of this size. In addition is perfect also like a Bluetooth speaker for the car as it suctions to your car windscreen. With this wireless speaker you can connect your Smartphone, tablet, computer or any enabled device via Bluetooth in less than 6 seconds and also can use it as a speaker for all phone calls. You can easily control songs and adjust the volume at the speaker. Also your Bluetooth devices will connect to iFox speaker from up to 33 feet away.  Another great feature available in this waterproof speaker is the incredible battery life. No more problems and scrambling for the charger the iFox portable speaker lasts for up to 10 hours of playing time between charges. Plug it into the adapter, and it is fully charged again in under 3 hours or less! Also the suction cup attaches strongly to glass, ceramic, or any other smooth surface in the shower or anywhere do you want.

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Take a look to the functions available in this speaker in the next picture:

New 2016 ifox if02 wireless speaker schematic

Devices with Bluetooth that you can connect:

New 2016 ifox if02 bluetooth wireless speaker

Finally, resuming this article; For be a compact size speaker it has an amazing sound. You can use it to listen music that you have storage in your smartphone and when a call comes in.  You can simply hit the icon of the phone and talk on the phone. The clarity and crystal clear sound in this speaker is excellent. Setting up is very easy. Don’t hesitate or go looking around to compare others with this speaker. My recommendation, if you are thinking about it, go for it, you won’t be disappointed. You will definitely be amazed at the sound quality, and the excellent quality of this speaker.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Certified Waterproof. 2016 Model pairs easily with all your Bluetooth devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod, PC, Radio